Typically, welders use self-shielded FCAW in outdoor conditions where wind would blow away a shielding gas. The fluxing agents in self-shielded FCAW deoxidize the weld pool and permit shielding of the weld pool and metal droplets from the air. The flux in gas-shielded FCAW provides for deoxidation of the moten metal. It offers less protection from the air compared to the self-shielded FCAW.

We use this variation for increasing the productivity of out-of-position welds and for deeper penetration.

About Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) Services

Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) uses tube-shaped wire filled with flux core. “Flux” is a combination of various minerals and chemicals that protect the molten weld metal from contamination by the air. It is a semi-automatic or automatic arc welding process.

A direct current, electrode positive (DCEP) is used in the FCAW process. The arc is initiated between the continuous wire electrode and the workpiece. There are two basic process variants; self-shielded FCAW (without shielding gas) and gas-shielded FCAW (with shielding gas). The difference between these two is the different fluxing agents in the filler material, which provide different benefits to the user.

Why People Choose FCAW (Flux Cored Welding) 

✓ Deeper penetration than MIG welding
✓ Ability to weld ferrous metals
✓ More portable than MIG welding because FCAW does not require a shielding gas tank
✓ Great for outdoor conditions where wind would blow away a shielding gas


Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) FAQs

  • Are Flux Core Welds Strong?

    Flux core welding is an adaptable and strong metal fusion process that has the ease of use from MIG welding and the ability to weld without shielding gas, like Stick/Arc welding.

  • What is Flux Core Wire?

    A flux-cored wire is essentially a tube packed with a filler substance in its center. It’s like a stick electrode turned inside out. This flux is a compound mixture of alloys and deoxidizers that allow users to weld dirtier metal.

  • Is Flux Core Welding the Same as Mig Welding?

    Both Flux Core and Mig use a spool of wire to provide the filler metal to the weld, but the main difference is in the type of wire. MIG welding uses a solid wire, while flux core welding wire is tubular and inside the tube is flux.