Our Concrete Embed Work

Rebar Welding FAQs

  • How Are Jersey Barriers Connected?

    Jersey Barriers have an embedded steel tube on each end. A connection key is used to link the tubes of 2 barriers together to create a temporary barrier. This connection key can be removed as needed to move the barrier when work is complete.

  • Why Should I Consider Concrete Embeds for my Project?

    If your project involves a need for welding members to a concrete panel, or if you need a metal member
    on the outer edge of a concrete structure, a concrete embed made with rebar is a good option.

  • What Welding Methods Can I Use for Rebar Embeds?

    GMAW, FCAW and SMAW (stick welding, which we do not do at Seibel Modern)

  • Can You Weld Rebar?

    Rebar comes in multiple grades, some are weldable, some are not. The rebar grade should have a “W”
    to designate that the rebar is weldable. (Ex. A706W would be a grade classification for weldable rebar,
    whereas A615 would not be weldable)

    When fabricating, is important to select weldable rebar. Otherwise the rebar has a high likelihood of
    cracking near the welded joint. There is also a risk that the concrete itself would crack or break because
    the embedded rebar does not have the necessary tensile strength calculated for the design.